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Roseberry Qld

Open times:
Days of operation:
9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
Accessible by: Eligibility Criteria Applies
Access Fees: Free
Age Range: 12 - 25 years headspace Gladstone, Roseberry House 16-25 years
Area Serviced: Gladstone Region

Description of Service:

Roseberry Qld services is a community based organisation providing a variety of services to meet the identified needs of young people and families who are experiencing difficulties as well as accommodation services.

Roseberry House Gladstone provides short term accommodation and support for young people who are homeless and in crisis. Our staff work to enhance the dignity, self-esteem and independence of young people (aged between 16 and 25 years), whilst recognising the importance of families. Contact Roseberry House 20 Rollo Street, Gladstone Tel: 49725383

The Roseberry Dignity Hub provides community members and families experiencing homelessness (of any age bracket) access to free: laundry facilities, bathroom facilities, kitchenette (tea and coffee making facilities), access to perishable food items for those experiencing crisis, information and referral to other services and an Adaptable Living Program.  This service is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.30am and 2.30pm.  Contact Roseberry Dignity Hub, 20 Rollo Street, Gladstone tel: 0427 751 639.

Transition to Independent (TIL) Workers provide practical and emotional support to young people living independently in the community. The TIL service aims to assist young people to pursue appropriate options within the community and to ensure young people have the capacity to achieve the maximum degree of self-reliance and independence.  Contact our TIL Worker at Roseberry House on 49725383.

RQ Youth & Family Service

Family support –

  • Providing supports to families with children under 18 years of age (children in utero included)

  • Referral and advocacy

  • Therapeutic and practical supports to reconnect and strengthen families –

  • Parenting programs Triple P Teens, 123 Magic and Engaging Adolescence, FERP (Family Emotional Regulation Program 8 -11yrs)

Reconnect –

  • Supporting youth aged 12 -18 homeless or at risk of homelessness or disconnection from family/education/community or positive social networks

  • Referral and advocacy

  • Therapeutic supports, brief intervention supports

  • Practical supports to reconnect or remain connected with housing services, specialist health services, education services, employment readiness and strengthen protective family connections

Youth Support –

  • Supporting youth aged 12 – 21 vulnerable and at risk of homelessness or disconnection from family/education/community or social networks as well as;

  • Special consideration for siblings of Youth Support participant, aged 8 -11 years.

  • Referral and advocacy linking youth with pathways to supports within community.

  • Outreach services providing individual case management, practical supports to secure stable accommodation, develop life skills, connect with education and employment opportunities, develop positive social connections, link with medical and mental health professionals.

?Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse Services - Child and Youth Connector –

  • Providing young people and families of young people, aged 8 – 21 years, with information and connection to speciality counselling services for young people exhibiting sexually reactive behaviours, and/or having experienced sexual abuse.

Contact RQ Youth & Family Service 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone Tel: 49720047

RQ Housing Services  We manage a range of community housing options, both long term and emergency units, for adults and young people in Gladstone. Our long term housing is regulated by the One Social Housing Policy with the Department of Communities (Housing and Homelessness Service). Clients need to be registered with the Department of Communities (Housing and Homelessness Service). Contact RQ Housing Services 21 Dawson Road, Gladstone Tel: 49720047

headspace Gladstone - Roseberry Qld is the lead agency for headspace Gladstone. headspace Gladstone provides young people with access to Allied Health Professionals and community supports to assist young people to access the support they need to develop and maintain the skills and confidence to live healthy and happy lives. headspace Gladstone also engages in community awareness and seeks to develop and implement innovative programs to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people in the Gladstone region.  headspace centres aim to create highly accessible, youth friendly, integrated service hubs that provide evidence based interventions and support to young people aged 12–25 years. The aim is to improve outcomes for young people by addressing the major barriers for service use, and enabling better access to, and engagement in, early intervention services that provide holistic and integrated care.  Contact headspace Gladstone: 1st floor, 93 Goondoon Street Gladstone, telephone 4903 1921; email: